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This vast and ambitious enterprise would not have been possible without the support and encouragement of Mr. Ajit Singh, prominent Indian politician and son of Charan Singh, and the involvement of his son Jayant Chaudhary 
( Mr. Ajit Singh has been a Member of Parliament since 1986 and has served (at different times, from 1989 to 2014) as the Union Minister of Industry, Food, Agriculture and Civil Aviation.

There are many people to thank when an effort of this magnitude and depth is undertaken, and is required to continue for posterity.

Ajor, Ram

Ram Ajor was personal assistant to Charan Singh from 1980 till his passing in 1987, and his assistance to the CSA in matters large and small has been invaluable. A sincere, softly spoken man he continues to help CSA collect and bring together material.

Banerjee, Anando

Anando Banerjee's ( design sensibilities and technical competence are both outstanding, and this archive is really his product. What is even more attractive is his no-nonsense, mature and balanced approach to project delivery.   

Brass, Prof. Paul Richard

Paul R. Brass ( is a hero of this Archive - his three volume biography of Charan Singh motivated us to to think about this ambitious project. If an American academic wanted to keep his word to Charan Singh almost 30 years after the latter's death, why not those of us who exist because of the man not repay our debts, if we indeed owe our ancestors anything, to his memory? Paul also opened out for the Archives his treasure trove of books, newspaper cuttings, audio interviews, memories and recollections of Charan Singh.

Sharma, Bhola Shanker

Bhola Shanker Sharma is managing trustee of the Kisan Trust setup in 1977 by Charan Singh, and has contributed actively by providing us translations, numerous photographs and a host of archival documents including original edition books.

Singh, Ajay

Ajay Singh, former Member of Parliament and Union Minister in 1989, encouraged CSA from its very initial days. His personal memories of Charan Singh, with whom he was closely connected as an aide from 1980 to 1987, are both emotional and objective. His guidance is invaluable in connecting us with people who knew Charan Singh and many of whom have contributed to these Archives.

Singh, Dr. Vijendra

Vijendra Singh teaches Political Science at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. From the University of Allahabad and Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi, Vijendra worked at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, Delhi for many months to help tabulate and index the ‘Charan Singh Papers’as a step towards digitization and has provided other invaluable assistance in research of all kinds.

Singh, Prof. Harish

Harish is a son of late policeman Kartar Singh the long standing (from 1960 to 1987) personal security officer to Charan Singh, who was his trusted aide and was by his his side for 27 years in all places, situations and and was his Man Friday. Harish has very kindly donated over 70 original photographs, many letters, and archival journals and magazines that refer to CS.

Singh, Yashveer

Yashveer Singh of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh is a loyal foot soldier and runs around Delhi and Lucknow to get work done from the government’s bureaucratic systems and prise out of their grip the vast informtaion they store.