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Publishes "India’s Economic Policy: The Gandhian Blueprint"


Publishes India’s Economic Policy: The Gandhian Blueprint.

“If we want our country to develop, there are only two prescriptions: first, increase in agricultural productivity per acre and simultaneous reduction of the umber of workers per acre; secondly, a transformation of our national psychology in the sense that Hindus, in particular, give up the belief that this world is not a mere illusion and, as individuals and also as a nation, we develop and urge to improve our economic condition and to that end, our people learn to work better and harder.…. pp. 3

….Agriculture and industry are to a large part complementary to ach other: it is more a question of emphasis and priorities.…All this, however, does not mean that industry is as important as agriculture. It is agriculture which plays the primary role – the role of a precursor.

…Therefore, as long as this country remains committed to the present pattern of economic development in which it sets up capital-intensive modern industries at enormous cost, only to cater to the needs of the urban elite or to export their products at throw away prices, not only will unemployment go on increasing and capital go on concentrating in the hands of a few, it will also run the risk of going deeper and deeper into bondage to the affluent nations. The only and the right way of avoiding this bondage, in other words, of fostering financial and technological self-reliance is to make a clear break with the prevailing pattern of industrialization and take the Gandhian path, adapted of course to the changed or changing condition… pp 115.