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Third imprisonment, for 13 months, during the Quit India movement. Recommences civil law practice on being freed


Third imprisonment, from 23 October 1942 until November 1943 during the Quit India movement. Before imprisonment, leads an underground anti-colonial struggle in Ghaziabad, Hapur, Mawana, Sardhana and Bulandshahr. On release, goes back to practicing law though that did not do well at all as he did not take on cases that he thought to be false. Lives a life of hardship and poverty. He is said to have stated that ‘being a lawyer was his compulsion, not something he enjoyed’.

“The simplicity of his lifestyle was evident to anyone who knew him. Yet, this was no unsophisticated peasant. Charan Singh was intellectually superior to most of his political colleagues and opponents, even though many of the in the early post-Independence days were themselves highly educated”. Paul R Brass, pp 82.

Sixth and last child, daughter Sharda, born on 23 December.